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How to apply: Instructions & Guidelines


The SE+ED project could not limit itself merely to learning about social entrepreneurship or to cooperation between five countries and organizations. Considering that new projects may face difficulties to attract funding, SE+ED has designed a platform to support new entrepreneurs who are looking for funding.


The steps are easy to follow: any new social entrepreneur is welcome to apply his/her ideas by filling in the attached business model demonstration.


It is really essential to fill the business model and specify the initial idea. The application period opens twice a year. The first round starts in January and lasts till February.


The second round is from July to the end of August, starting by the second half of 2017. At the end of application period (two months duration), all projects will be uploaded to our website.


For the next four months, visitors will have the opportunity to vote for the best social entrepreneurial project. The project idea that will attract more votes will be rewarded with a pay pal "donation" button. Therefore, what we really offer is a free fundraising platform to the best social business idea. Don’t miss this opportunity to apply!

Check the Forum for new ideas and to complete the voting process.

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