inspiring cases 

Teaching Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Tina Seelig on youtube

4capital and performance

online book by Dr. Alex Liu


Business Model Canvas

Online courses, workshops, books.


The Lean StartUp

Online Business Dictionary

awareness and training

Ashoka Visionary Program

A part-time executive program for decision makers in the private and the public sector dealing with social innovations as well as social entrepreneurs.

Ashoka in Austria.

Ashoka in Poland.

Ashoka in Greece.

Think Social. Act Business.

Conference on Social Entrepreneurship

in Thessaloniki (Greece).

I SEE YOU educational resources

Initiative to foster Social Entrepreneurship

Experience for Youth

networks & support

Impact Hub

A unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities that support the

development of a more sustainable world.



International Co-operative Alliance and Cooperatives Europe

On behalf of its 84 member organisations from 33 European countries across all business sectors it promotes the cooperative business model in Europe.

Barka Foundation for Mutual Help (Poland)

Social development of excluded groups by creating a system of mutual help, education and entrepreneurship.

Bios Coop (Greece)

A social consumer cooperative grocery . Promotes local

and cooperative products, produced in ways that are not harmful to humans or the environment.

ColorADD (Portugal)

Social enterprise founded by Miguel Neiva, a social entrepreneur that develops a color identification

code for color blind people.


Cozinha com Alma (Portugal)

A solidarity take-away open to the general public.

All the social profit is applied in a social exchange that supports families in serious economic difficulties.


Ekon (Poland)

Association Disabled for the Environment. 

A social enterprise which aims at supporting persons

with disabilities in finding and maintaining jobs

Fundacja Kreatywnej Edukacji (Poland)

Creative Education Foundation, Bydgoszcz.

An organization which helps children to understand music.

Greenways (Greece)

A social cooperative enterprise which promotes

Sustainable Urban Mobility, Sport and Outdoor

Activities, Thematic Tourism and Green Transport. 

Ithaca Laundry (Greece)

A mobile laundry service; raises the hygiene standards of the homeless, restore their self esteem and dignity and create new opportunities for them.

INPRO (Poland)

Active mostly in Rzeszów. It helps people to understand others’ needs, culture, religion, their way of thinking.

Mundo A Sorrir (Portugal)

Non-governmental organization that works in the field of Oral Health and promotes equal and universal access to health care.

Nadzieja (ang. Hope)  ​Foundation  (Poland)

Ran a project to help corporations or people to find a job or enterprise.

Pão com História (Portugal)

Innovative concept of bakery with a learning center for children and young adults.

Studenckie Forum  (Poland)

Business Centre Club. A students’ organization about

the business world, creativity and entrepreneurship.


Vitaminos (Portugal)

A social enterprise with main aim of intervening in the prevention of child obesity through the promotion

of healthy eating habits.

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