Cooperativa de EducaçãoCooperação e Desenvolvimento CRL (ECOS)

The main goal of ECOS action is the promotion of non-formal education for social inclusion. Through our activities, we target towards the contribution to the development of a more human, sustainable, fair, inclusive, participative, democratic, equitable, solidarity, cooperative, dialogical, diverse and integrated society.

Our main areas of Intervention are:

  • Creation of spaces for structured dialogue, cooperation and collective construction among different actors, such as, social, business and institutional actors.

  • Promotion, design, implementation and evaluation of playful, educational, social, cultural and sustainable development projects, in formal and non-formal spaces, through non-formal education, always in a way that it complements formal education and contributes to life-long learning.

  • Development of organizations capacity to do a more efficient management of their resources and projects through training and new technologies of information and communication.

  • Monitoring, support, assessment and consultancy to individuals, organizations, institutions and respective educational programmes and social intervention projects.

  • Promotion, recognition and validation of non-formal education and other alternative pedagogical methodologies that contribute to social transformation.


Our main expertise is on the development of participatory-based projects that involves young people and decision makers, such as local and regional authorities and other stakeholders. ECOS due to the staff expensive experience on youth training field is also an expert organisation on training and capacity building of youth organisation and public and private institutions working with and for youth.

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