in 3 steps

preliminary research
  • concept or definition of Social Entrepreneurship (SE) in each country

  • basic points - key provisions of the institutional context or legal framework for SE focusing on the criteria which enterprises are considered as “social”

  • good practices concerning educational practices for SE (mentoring, trainings, e-learning, academia, schools)

  • existing resources and tools promoting and supporting SE (incubators, accelerators, support networks, funding)

case study
  • locating: social enterprise to be studied

  • setting aims and objectives

  • planning the research

  • presenting rationale and background

  • collecting and presenting data

  • discussion & suggestions

  • strengths & weaknesses

  • review by another partner

  • our input

  • design & implementation of an idea / action plan / business plan

  • research diary

  • records or reports on the progress of the project: citing difficulties, changes, adaptations, ideas…

  • evaluation of implemented ideas

action plan
action plan
action plan
action plan

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