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"SE+ED - Social Entrepreneurship and EDucational practices for young people" is an Erasmus+ Youth Program starting in October 2016 and completing in September 2017. The program was realised by the University of Macedonia's Research Committee with partners from different european countries: ECOS from Portugal, gain&sustain:europe from Austria, MBM Training and Development Center from UK and Rzeszow University from Poland.

Significant part of the program was the learning activity, a Training Course with 25 young participants that took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, and the multiplier event, an International Conference in Portimão, Portugal, where the research projects and the intellectual outputs of the program were presented.

The main intellectual outputs were:

- a webportal/forum for Social Entrepreneurship, interesting for young entrepreneurs on networking and resources

- educational videos useful for educators, trainers or young entrepreneurs

- an e-book about social entrepreneurship in each partner country (legislative, education, resources and tools), case studies from each partner country and implemented action-plans conducted by the young participants.

For further information, visit the website of the program:

or SE+ED facebook page.

Leave your comments, thoughts or requests via e-mail or visit SE+ED forum.

Check out the educational videos now!

Browse the e-book!


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