The project in a nutshell


The last decade, two unexpected things happened in Europe: a financial crisis and a significant rising of unemployment. These forced economy to a new type of entrepreneurship, the social entrepreneurship. The social entrepreneurship was the answer to the new needs that widely appeared. Our project stems from the social entrepreneurship tradition but at the same time offers a new perspective bringing together five different countries (Austria, Portugal, Poland, UK, Greece) with different cultures and different needs. The SE+ED project sets up collaboration between alternative institutions (two Universities, two NGOs and an enterprise).

The aim of the project is the methodological and educational training on social entrepreneurship. Twenty five young people, from five different countries and institutions will participate. The social entrepreneurship is the focus of the SE+ED project.

More specifically the main goals are:

  • An intensive training of young participants

  • Setting up a portal and a forum

  • A presentation of different applications of social entrepreneurship

  • Publishing an e-book

  • Uploading webinars

  • A dissemination of project’s result in an international conference with broader participation

  • An evaluation by the young people of the project and of the beneficiaries of social enterprise applications

  • A sense of community and sharing between European citizens.


The group that will participate on training will be five young people – plus a team leader- from five different countries. The Participating organizations will all contribute to the project schedule, either by hosting some of the actions (preparatory meeting, conference) or during the training course. Young people will actively participate in all actions of the project. On training course, they will be trained on the basic idea (successful social entrepreneurship with social return) and innovative methods.

However, they will not only benefit from new knowledge and skills. The goal is to return the stock of knowledge in the community. They will be converted into knowledge producers, multipliers and promoters of the project, creating a peer-support network that goes beyond the narrow geographic limits of their community.By the end of the project, participants may offer themselves as multipliers or mentors. Therefore, the group that will be benefited can actually be wider.

The final outcomes of the project will be a web portal and a forum, a series of online courses on social entrepreneurship and an e-book.

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