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MBM Training and Development Center (MBM)

MBM TD Center is an international training and development agent, working on lifelong learning advanced services in Training, Technology and Social Entrepreneurship. The main goal of the “MBM Training and Development Center” is to support adults and students in becoming life-long learners and independent, contributing European citizens. On the other hand, the “MBM Training and Development Center” is assisting the adult learners in reaching their full potential through learning opportunities that are relevant and easily transferred into the workplace. MBM TD Center offers a wide variety of developmental programs to build job skills for the role the trainees have and to foster the career we hope they develop. Programs extend to all segments of the workforce.


The MBM TD Centrefor Social Entrepreneurship is an entity for the advancement of social entrepreneurship. The Centre’s activities are seeking to foster innovative social transformation through education, research, and collaboration. The Center acts as a network hub for social entrepreneurship, linking together key actors in the sector and contributing towards creating new and effective partnerships for sustainable social change. It engages in social innovation and aims to have a decisive influence on policy.


The MBM Youth Work Learning Center is an example of MBM TDC`s systemic approach to professional development that focuses on specific strategies for gaining the skills and knowledge youth workers need.

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